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  • An Open Letter about Bullying: Start a Conversation and Be a Role Model

    An Open Letter about Bullying: Start a Conversation and Be a Role Model

    As we usher in another back-to-school season, our minds inevitably turn to the well-being of our children. We want them to thrive emotionally, physically, and mentally during their long school days. One of our greatest concerns as parents is that our children won't become victims of bullying. We teach our kids valuable lessons: how to stand up for themselves, walk with purpose, speak confidently to their principals and teachers, and invite those without companions to join them at lunch. All of these lessons are designed to empower our children, giving them the tools they need to navigate the complex world of school relationships. But here's something to consider: If all of our ....

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  • Stay Alert and Know Your Exits: Maintaining Safety in Crowded Places

    Stay Alert and Know Your Exits: Maintaining Safety in Crowded Places

    Being aware of what is going on around you is the number one skill of self protection. This skill is called situational awareness . I like to describe it as establishing your baseline. What does the world around you look like on a daily basis? It’s not looking for trouble, it’s noticing your surroundings on a day to day basis and using that information to influence your decisions. Once you know what your world should look like, when something changes, you can identify it right away. We practice this in our daily lives all the time! If we run a business, we look at key performance indicators to see how daily operations are running. When a change is identified, for good or ....

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  • The Power of Self-Discipline in Krav Maga and Life

    The Power of Self-Discipline in Krav Maga and Life

    Embrace Healthy Habits: - Cultivate gratitude daily. - It's natural to feel down occasionally. Embrace your emotions and gain insights from them. - Recognize the empowering fact that you always have a choice. - Realize that you dictate how others perceive and treat you. - Remember, genuine success is the result of continuous discipline. Let's Fortify Our Mental Resolve Here's a reflective exercise: - Jot down 3 things you're thankful for. - Recall the last time you felt upset. How can you release those lingering emotions? - Consider ways you can influence how others interact with you. - Set a tangible goal for the upcoming month. ....

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  • Krav Maga- Things you must know

    Krav Maga- Things you must know

    Hi to all, In the following posts I’m about to discuss some aspects concerning Israeli combat disciplines in general and, Krav-M aga specifically. Hope you’ll enjoy it. 'Krav-Maga' is a term in Hebrew, composed of two words; 'Krav', which means 'Combat', and 'Maga', which means 'Contact'. So, the literal translation of the term 'Krav-Maga' is 'Contact-Combat'. This term is widely used to describe the Israeli authentic combat system, however, there is more than one style of Krav-Maga. Actually Krav-Maga may be practiced in three different forms: 1. As a martial art – in this form the belt (or rank) system is being used, sometimes training will require a traditional or ....

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