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Dion is a U.S. Government contractor. He has served the Department of Defense as a Chief Instructor responsible for providing comprehensive pre-deployment education and training. Dion has lead a Cadre of Instructors from various military and law enforcement backgrounds.

Previously, Dion was involved in multiple Protective Operation deployments to Libya, Egypt, Haiti, South Africa, Madagascar, the Middle East, Russia and Latin America. As a Team leader he was responsible for all aspects of mission planning and execution. Additional duties included organization and execution of training evolutions. Dion served as a Personal Security Specialist (PSS) in support of atmospheric collection. Dion conducted covert missions in High Threat and Uncertain Environments. Frequently Dion would advise, train and assist host nation partners. He was responsible for the collection, analysis, and execution of actionable atmospheric data within the area of operations.


1. More than 20 operational deployments in support of U.S. Government operations and private contracts

2. Advised and trained partner nations

3. Delivered combat skills pre-deployment education and training to thousands of Department of Defense personnel

4. Developed comprehensive curriculum currently utilized by the Department of Defense. Subjects include: High Threat Driving, Flight Deck Denial / Aircraft Security, Uncertain Environment Urban Maneuver Tactics, Advanced Combatives, Tactical Pistol, Tactical Carbine, Surveillance Detection Routes, Self Protection, Offensive Edged Weapons, De-escalation of Conflict, Urban Area Land Navigation and Area Familiarizations / Site Assessments.

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